Frequently Asked Questions

1Are you offering Spanish classes online or in-person?
Classes are available both in-person and online. Currently, Spanish classes for kids are offered in person (Pequeños Exploradores and Growing Bilingual), and also virtually for private and small groups of children. Adult classes and tutoring for teenagers are offered in a group or private setting virtually through live-online classes. You may check classes available here.
2What is your policy regarding COVID-19?
Local, state and CDC COVID-19 guidelines are followed to continue to maintain our community of learners and staff healthy.
3Do teachers and kids wear mask during in-person classes?
All teachers, staff, and children 3 and older do wear masks during indoor classroom activities.
4What is the refund, and rescheduling policy?
Credit for unused private classes stay on file for 12 months as of the date of purchase. If a student needs to reschedule a private class, they need to notify their teacher, and in writing to two (2) business days before the class. Children who miss a class in any of the group classes may have the opportunity of a make-up classed scheduled based on seat availability within the same season the child is enrolled.
5What other services does Spanish Horizons offer?
Translations and interpretation services are offered in addition to classes to help individuals and organizations communicate effectively and accurately with each other both in English and Spanish. Additional services include: After-school Spanish classes, Tutoring, Cultural Awareness programs, and other language and culture services available. Email us at with your questions.
6What is the difference between interpretation and translation services?
Translation is transferring text in writing from one language to another. For example, you may need to translate to English a birth certificate written originally in Spanish before getting married in the United States. Also, an organization may need to translate an employee manual written originally in English to Spanish so that their Spanish speaking staff can understand it accurately.

Interpreting is transferring orally (by speaking) what is said in one language to another. For example, a Spanish speaking individual may need an interpreter for an appointment with an English-speaking doctor to make sure they communicate accurately. Likewise, a company may need an interpreter for a benefit’s enrollment presentation to interpret for its Spanish speaking staff.
7Are interpretations done in-person or online?
Both options are available and effective. They may be scheduled in-person or online.
8How can we get a quote for translating a document from English to Spanish or Spanish to English?
You can email your document or a link to your document to We will provide you with a free quote.
9Can I use the translation for legal purposes?
Translations are certified and notarized when requested at no additional charge.

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