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Since 1996, Spanish Horizons, Inc. is committed to serving in a professional and friendly manner as a bridge between Spanish and English-speaking communities by facilitating communication and promoting intercultural understanding and respect through Classes, Translations, and Interpretations.



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Spanish Lessons

We offer a wide variety of Spanish courses for every age to fit your specific needs.

Learn how to speak Spanish in a friendly, and professional environment at Spanish Horizons.

Spanish classes are ideal for doctors, lawyers, realtors, teachers, travelers, students, and all who would like to communicate more effectively and directly with the Spanish speaking community - both abroad and here in Chicago, home to one of the largest Spanish-speaking populations in the United States.

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Years in Business

We bring years of experience in teaching Spanish classes to all ages.


  • I took private lessons from Spanish Horizons in order to learn how to better communicate with my Spanish-speaking constituents and I was very pleased with the rapid acquisition I could obtain during my private lessons. I highly recommend Spanish Horizons to all professionals looking to improve their Spanish communication skills.
  • I am considering moving to Latin America to further pursue my career in International Relations and a friend recommended Spanish Horizons. I have found the lessons very useful. I am learning both grammar and conversation, which should be great preparation for working abroad, since my skills won't be limited to conversation only.
  • I have just finished my 8th week in the Intro. to Spanish course and have re-enrolled in Spanish I. I have made great progress in learning Spanish. The curriculum and instructors are excellent. The class was very structured and well organized. Kind of reminded me of a college course without the pressure. I have outside assignments that keep me on track and focused. Best of all they are not graded and you do not have to buy any extra books. This place is great for learning Spanish.
  • Good teachers, friendly environment, flexible schedules, and small classes. I studied spanish in college, in Mexico and in Spain. Spanish Horizons is my favorite place.
  • I had a great experience at Spanish Horizons. My Spanish really improved. I am much more comfortable communicating with other fluent speakers. My instructor was great. He was very patient with me and always had time to help answer my may questions. I highly recommend taking classes here.

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